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Easiest Type of Essay

August 30, 2012 por Anne G. Gaddis  

Essay writing is a part of student life. It is the most common and easiest type of paper that teachers ask students to write. It is the type of paper that prepares student in other major paper writing task. Paper writing in school start in easy writing of essay, then you will ask to submit research paper, term paper, thesis or when you enter graduate school, you will be able to do a dissertation.

Let us talk about the easiest type of essay that you will write in school. It is called a reflective essay, well, it is the easiest type because writing this essay is a win-win situation. All you have to do to write this essay is to do a research by yourself and discuss the things based on your analysis.

Reflective essay is a good type when you wanted to enhance your writing skills because it will allow you to conduct the research on your own, it will also allow you to improve the skills that you already acquired.


Doing a reflective essay is as easy as talking to someone. First you need to define what research you have done, you also need to discuss how you accomplished the research and tell your readers how it goes in doing your task.

This type of essay was given by teachers to students mainly to know their ability and capacity to write a paper. It is a task given to students so that they can improve their skills or teachers can immediately tell whether they need improvements.

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